Note: Emulation is not yet ready at the launch of beta testing


The objective of this tool create new emulation reservations, revise previously launched reservations' state and to delete reservation. Reservations depends on having defined a behavioural experiment definition reserve emulations (Behavioural Experiment Definition) and the virtual worm's neural configuration, achieved through the worm configuration tools (Neuron and Synapse Model development, Network Model development) and neuron trace variable profile definition Result Recording Profile

Where is the tool

This tool is available in the top navigation bar under Experiment Configuration => Wizard for Booking

Demo video of the tool usage

The following short video shows a demo usage of the tool:



The emulation reservation tools is provided through a single tool that allows to revise / delete existing reservations and to book for new reservations.

GUI and interaction description

The emulation reservation booking GUI is depicted in the following figure.

Screenshot of the emulation reservation booking GUI

The emulation reservation booking GUI is divided in 2 windows. On the top the booked reservations for the logged user are visualized, while in the bottom window new emulation reservations can be booked.

The booked reservations section is named as Reservations in the queue. The table provided in this section provides the following information: date when the reservation was booked, the id of the booked emulation, description of the booked emulation, the behavioural experiment's id, worm's neural configuration id, the status of the reservation, Admin updates (if ERROR happened) and the users that have booked the experiment (if more than one user requests the same behavioural experiment and worm configuration, they're assigned to the same reservation, and the reservation is run only once). Within this table reservations can be checked using the Select to delete checkbox and if Delete Reservation is clicked, they will be subject to deletion. If a reservation has more than one creator, only the creator is deleted (having the user triggering the action loss access to that reservation). If a reservation is not in WAITING - ABORTED - ERROR state or has results, cannot be deleted.

The section dedicated to the creation of new emulation reservation booking is named as Create a new reservation. To book a new reservation the user has to select one behavioural experiment definition from the table on the left, and one worm neural configuration from the table on the right, an click on the Add Reservation button. Description text field is recommended to be filled for an easier way to follow reservations later.