The objective of this tool is to share the different elements, be emulation experiment configuration elements or be results elements with specific users o publicly.

Where is the tool

This tool is available in the top navigation bar under Collaborate => Share

We can choose between sharing Neuron Models, Neuron Networks, Behavioural Experiments, Readback Results or Locomotion Visual Results

Demo video of the tool usage

The following short video shows a demo usage of the tool:



All element sharing GUIs follow the a similar approach, therefore one of them will be explained for demostrative purposes. The selected GUI for description is Behavioural Experiment Sharing GUI

GUI and interaction description

The Behavioural Experiment Sharing GUI is depicted in the following figure.

Screenshot of the behavioural experiment sharing GUI

In the first table named as SHARE WITH USERS, experiments created by the logged users are shown. Information on its id, description, creation date , with whom is shared, and if it is publicly shared is provided. The user is able to publicly share / unshare the behavioural experiment by clicking on the checkbox showing Public sharing information. If an experiment is share with the public and is part of a reservation, it can not be set unpublic. The user is able to share the behavioural experiment with specific user by clicking on the Share button. A new modal window is loaded, where Users with access are shown, and new users can be shared and added within the edit box by looking for characters that are part of the firstname, surname or email. Submit button confirms the sharing with new users. It is not possible to unshare an experiment with a user. The following figure shows a screenshot of the modal window.

Modal window to share elements with specific users

Following, in the second table named as SHARED WITH ME, experiments shared with the logged users are shown (shared with specific users). Information on its id, description and if it is publicly shared is provided.

Finally, in the third table named as PUBLICLY SHARED, experiments shared publicly are shown. Information on its id and description is provided.