Result recording profiles


Variables from any neuron in the neural network may be recorded from the hardware during the simulation. The result recording profile defines what variables should be recorded and at what temporal resolution.

Where is the tool

This tool is available in the top navigation bar under Experiment Configuration => Results Recording Profiles

Demo video of the tool usage

The following short video shows a demo usage of the tool:


Steps to Configure a Results recording profile

  1. Open the Result Recording Profiles Dashboard in the Experiment Configuration menu.
  2. Select Create a new Recording Profile
  3. Select the Network Configuration and a default recording profile.
  4. Select any neuron from the all neurons list to customise the variables recorded for that neuron.
  5. The Recording Size indicator on the top right will predict how much memory the recording of the planned simulation will occupy. This should not exceed 10GB, or the Recording Profile will not be saved.